OOQQ - About me


Just a regular hacker from EUW 🌍

once a gamer, always a gamer

About me

My work has been awarded at Graphis, Logobook & other places, I also run logotyped, a online collection of typographic logotypes that I hope to turn into a kickstarter book someday. I'm also CEO of my own big world-dominating corporation 😅 Voodoo.

Lately I have been busy learning to programming, you can see some commits and random projects I have uploaded to Github, it includes: Fulfilling all the exercises from "C Programming, A modern approach", legibelle.scss, the open-source font zxSpectrumPixelFont, and some javascript program to solve the one roll yahtzee problem.

All my english comes from youtube videos, I'm also a former Super Street Fighter IV world champion playing Guy, and I even Digital-Immorto-Criminalised My Face once.